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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  November 13, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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terrorized a bay area woman. take a good look. these are the kidnappers who terrorized a bay area woman. police want your help in bringing them in. >> oh my gosh. please help us. >> a neighborhood stuck in the mud. how it happened and who pays for that damage. >> when the thieves hit this bay area museum they knew what think were doing and they knew what they were looking for. and security guards watched it all happen on live tv. good evening. we are getting a first look at two guys who police say kidnapped a woman, threw her in the back of her car and drove her around from atm to atm. elizabeth cook has the surveillance video. >> reporter: police say it was in this parking lot in the
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shade lands business park where she was kidnapped. they're relying on revealing surveillance tape to help them catch the suspects. watch this. two men pull up to an atm. police say they try to withdraw money from the woman's account while she sits in the backseat. police say they went by the name david and aubrey. aubrey takes off his mask. he's a white guy in his early 20s20s. wearing a black hoodie and jeans. david has short dark hair and broad shoulders. he's wearing a light colored t- shirt. after driving around to two to three different atm's want suspects abandoned the woman and the car. they drove off in what police think was a get away car.
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dave karlson comes here a couple times a week. >> i've never heard anything else like that in this area. >> reporter: the woman was able to free herself eventually and make her way to a nearby home where she diamond 911. police won't say how much money was taken from her account or the extent of her injuries. only that she is now mostly recovered. they don't know if david and aubrey are the real suspects names. they're asking anyone with information to contact the walnut creek police department. >> took the whole day, but a section of daley city has emerged from beneath a mountain of mud. it buried a neighborhood after a water main burst on a hillside above. linda yee shows us the mud may be gone but homeowners have serious concerns. >> reporter: they do.
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that river of mud swept down this hillside narrowly missing some homes. it did take out this car. work crews got the streets cleared by night fall. a wall of mud buried these streets. people were startled awake just before 4:30 when police ordered them out of their homes. somewhere we saw three feet high mud blocking the whole street. >> reporter: an 8-inch pipe connected to a water tank roup change-upped. 45,000-gallons of urticas caped down hill. carving a giant trench. sending a river of mud to streets. >> if the mud went the other way. >> reporter: no homes were damaged but people were helpless as they saw their cars swallowed up. >> please help us.
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>> reporter: city officials blame a cast iron pipe that was made in the 19 30s. a portion of it can be seen in this picture. >> you can see the pipe sheered off. we know that we've got pipes in the ground that are probably close or past useful life. that's not uncommon. >> reporter: engineers tested the integrity of the hillside. people were back in their homes. >> i'm hoping there's nothing really going to happen at all. weapons the rain come. >> reporter: are you worried about that? >> update as soon as possible. >> reporter: daly city officials say they do their best to stay ahead. but tonight they admit there are probably many more old pipes out there that are vulnerable. >> in towns all over the bay area. thank you for that. so who is going to pay the cleaning bill? car owners whose auto insurance
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policies include comprehensive coverage are protected no matter where their cars were parked. they should file a claim immediately. drivers who don't have comprehensive should submit a claim to the city within 6 months. >> a major heist at a bay area museum. security guards watched helplessly on security cameras as thieves helped themselves. >> complete shock. you never think it's going to happen to your museum. >> reporter: a smash and grab museum heist straight out of a hollywood movie. >> what people think of is the thomas crown affair. >> reporter: it happened around midnight. thieves snuck on and forced their way into the california history gallery. >> we believe that the burglars knew what they were after. that they had planned for it. that they came prepared. >> reporter: prepared to steal
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some of the most valuable items in the museum. officials won't say what. they were present artifacts. the burglars shattered glass and got out in three minutes. security guards saw it happen from surveillance monitors and per protocol called police. >> it's like nothing sacred. you wouldn't think someone would break into a museum. how do you even sell something you take out of this museum? >> reporter: it had never happened before. the museum director believes it may have been the work of copy cats. >> there have been some high profile stuff recentlyly. >> might be inspiration. >> really unfortunate. >> reporter: the gallery will be closed through tomorrow. museum officials hope to reopen it on thursday. in oakland. >> the founder of the mcafee
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antivirus company is declaring his company in a murder case. john mcafee has been hiding from police after his neighbor was found dead on sunday. officers say they just want to talk to him and that he has not been named a suspect. mcafee told wired magazine he's moving every four hours and is willing to do whatever it takes to stay alive. a school cafeteria worker has been convicted of brutally attacking and sexually say all thing women in the mission district. he h e faces life in prison when sentenced. >> the man accused of murdering missing morgan hill teen is facing new charges tonight. they do not relate to her disappearance. 21-year-old antolin garcia torres is being charged with three counts of kidnapping
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during a carjacking. torres was arrested in may for kidnapping and murder even though the body has yet to be found. >> the bay area's newest and biggest attraction is great for business, but not so much for traffic. the outlet mall opened less than a week ago. ever since cars have been lined up at the 580 exits trying to get in. local police, the chp and the mall are working to improve the traffic flow. if you'd like to avoid the largest crowds they say get there at 10:00 a.m. on a weekday when the center is just hoping. a strike against hill s&p markets is over. the union says it was able to keep one of the most important benefits, healthcare. >> sigh of relief for students in california. both csu and uc governing
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boards have postponed proposed tuition hikes. the move comes after requests from governor brown. he questioned the timing of raising tuition. uc system was looking at raising fees by as much as 35%. >> the petraeus scandal grows. now there's another woman and another general. the florida socialite who appears to be in the middle of it all. >> the bay area car company that was attacked during the presidential campaign caused a loser then. tonight celebrating a very big win. >> coming up, find out what a sunny, 72-degree day has to do with a big batch of rain heading toward the bay area. that's all coming up on or forecast. your forecast in about 6
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that was mitt romney, in the first presidential debate, saying the president only invested in losers. hard to argue with solyndra was a bust.... i had a friend who said you don't pick the winners and losers. >> thats mitt romney in the first presidential debate saying the president only invested in losers. hard to argue with cylindra. but tesla? the bay area car company just grabbed one of the most prestigious honors in the industry. >> reporter: there was already a lot of buzz on the showroom floor about the tesla model s. when motor trend named it car of the year, it was cause for celebration. >> the car of the year is the
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equivalent of the academy awards in the automotive industry. >> reporter: there's reason to be proud. designed in palo alto and built in freemont the tesla model s is a silicon model valley original. >> aspiration of tesla was to build a car which was on its own merit a great car. so a car that is good looking, has incredible utility, fun to drive. model s is all those things. >> it really does scoot. >> reporter: craig keith is a retired silicon valley engineer. he owns a plug in tesla roadster. >> the only time i visit a gas station is to pump up the tires. >> reporter: with a starting price of about $57,000, it's in
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the ballpark of other big luxury sedans. >> it can be a little challenging when i'm taking a longer road trip to work out where am i going to charge the car. but so far i've done it. it's been an adventure. being on the forefront of this technology is really exciting. >> reporter: only about 250 have been delivered to customers. but tesla has big plans for next year. they're planning to ship about 20,000. in san jose. >> if you can't quite afford to go electric you can go a little greener at the pump with algae. yeah. algae derived biodiesel. this is part of a trial program. the price should hover around the same as regular diesel. the big difference though, the fuel burns much cleaner.
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>> there's a 30% reduction in particulate matter. a 10% reduction in total hydrocarbon. >> the algae fuel is approved for use in all diesel engines. >> a second u.s. general is now caught up in the scandal that brought down cia director david petraeus. and the same florida socialite is at the center of it all. was jill kelley's complaint that ended up revealing petraeus' extramarital affair. an inappropriate relationship between kelley and john allen. he was in line to become the military head of nato. that's now on hold as the investigation continues. allen denies think wrong doing and remains on duty.
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>> president has great confidence in the military. great confidence in his commanders and will continue to have that confidence. >> a person close to kelley denies any affair. even flirtatious e-mails could cost allen his career if the content is determined to be dishonorable. kelley is a 37-year-old married mother of three. >> she's named an honorary ambassador to coalition forces. john miller shows us it's a diplomatic nicety she may have taken a little too seriously. >> reporter: dr. scott kelley, a prominent tampa surgeon and his wife jill are on all the right vip lists. but according to current and former military officials jill was a force to be rereckoned with. she was given a certificate
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naming her honorary ambassador to the coalition forces. a state department spokesman went to pains to say the obvious today. that she was never an official u.s. ambassador. >> she does not work for the state department and has no formal affiliation with the state department. >> reporter: in 911 calls about trespassing reporters jill kelley seems to indicate that her property is considered diplomatic soil. >> i'm an honorary council general so i have -- they should not be able to -- i don't know if you want to get diplomatic protection as well. >> reporter: a former military officer told us kelley often sought to bypass protocol officers and make direct connections with the top generals such as david petraeus and general john allen. she also courted their wives. sources describe her as a prolific e-mailer and caller.
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one admiral instructed an aide, you'll have to manage her for me. >> allen and petraeus were also linked to a child custody case involving jill kelley's twin sister. >> ever since the election political analysts have been speculating on the future of house minority leader nancy pelosi. tomorrow they may get their answer. >> what time is it now? 2:00on tuesday. i'll see you right here 10:00 tomorrow morning. while i love you all very dearly i thought maybe i would talk to my own caucus before i shared that information. >> pelosi has refused to say whether she'll give up or continue her leadership post. it doesn't end with crime fighting and protecting the public. just ask these oakland police
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officers and their newest
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friday night, the parents we on their way to the hospital when they realized they wo't make it. they spotted a pole tion in fan. a happy reunion today for three oakland police officers and the baby they helped to deliver. they realized they with respect going to make it. the officers helped usher the baby boy into the world. >> i don't know -- no matter what they was doing. that was just these three guys. no matter what happens. you guys single handedly saved my son's life. >> one of the officers who helped deliver the baby is a former nursing assistant. the baby's name -- >> couples beware. facebook has a surprise for you whether you want one or not.
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facebook has taken information about users who list that they're in a relationship and created a page for the two of you. the page details your shared posts, events and photos you were both tagged in. one user says she's ready to break up with her husband on facebook just so she can get rid of the shared page. >> a lot of people being unfriended right now. >> so all the relationships these people have had they have a virtual photo album for all of them. >> that'll sting. >> yeah, that's great. come on now. not feeling that. you'll be feel ago change weatherwise coming up soon. 40s already concord, santa rosa. this is the time of year proximity to the bay keeps you milder. san francisco 57. we'll get chilly again. no frost advisories or freeze
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warnings. mid40s. likely in the low to mid40s. san francisco and oakland will likely stay in the 50s. radar high def doppler. that will change. latest computer model information says two inches of rainfall for san francisco between friday and next tuesday. that's a lot of rain over a four-day period for northern california. here comes cloud cover overnight tonight. we're right on the fringe of a high pressure dome. that will hang around for one more day. because of this low pressure area our next storm getting closer it will enhance the southerly flow and make us milder tomorrow with sunshine. a rainy day is going to help us. the rainy system is going to shove that high pressure out of here. by friday we're going to have rain here. that's going to usher in a five day period with each day in a solid rain chance.
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tomorrow sunny, mild, great day to get outside. especially for mid november. clouds get here on thursday. it'll be cooler then. rain begins on friday. if you're making plans to maybe go golfing, something outside over the weekend, prepare to get wet or alter those plans. highs for tomorrow the last sunny day for a while. gorgeous downtown san francisco approaching 70. san jose 72. union city right around 70. redwood city 71. low 70s all the way south to san ramone. daly city in the upper 60s. cloudier, still dry on thursday. here comes the rain. rain likely all day on monday. showers continue on tuesday. time for sports. >> that is where you play football. 49ers quarterback sees a second
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quarterback. who's got bragging rights now? manager of the year award is ,,,
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start the clock!!! a's manger bob melvin took e the american league managerf the year award after guidine a's to an unlikley a-l west title. it's the second time melvin has won the award. hn it in 2007 with ariz giants got the world series trophy perhaps it was fitting that the a's got something. a's manager took home the american league manager of the year award after guiding the a's to a title. it's the second time melvin has won the award. he took it in 2007 with arizona. giants manager finished third in nl manager of the year voting behind nationals skipper davey johnson.
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they won 98 games. 49ers quarterback will reportedly seek a second opinion on his concussion. the 49ers host the bears on monday. their quarterback is listed as doubtful also because of a concussion isaiah thomas checking out the bears game. rookie chasing down a loose ball. this guy is going to have an awesome year. 32 points tonight. cal wins 79-62. coming up, how many players would lie about concussion symptoms to stay on the field? a poll was conducted. interesting results. >> that's the point of getting a second opinion. he didn't like the first one? >> there's something wrong with alex smith's head and he's
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seeking a second opinion. >> baseball writers of america is who i send my complaint to? >> yeah, where did davey johnson end up in the world series.
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